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Shrinking the .LOG file (database maintenance)

4trans inelo

Start the Database Manager tool with the -c1 parameter. The default path to this file is: :

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\INELO\Utils\Database Manager,
  • for 64-bit systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\INELO\Utils\Database Manager.

To start a file with a parameter:

  1. create a shortcut to the.exe file,
  2. go to Properties of this shortcut,
  3. in the Target Element field, add -c1, remembering to include a space character before the parameter (C:\Program Files\INELO\TachoScan EN\manager_db.exe -c1).

Log in to the SQL server by entering Server Name /instance_name (the path to the server can be viewed in TachoScan EN in the bottom right corner) and the password (default password is admin).

After logging in to Database Manager, select Archive and then Create a database backup. Go to the Advanced tab and select the folder where the program will create a database backup. Create two full 4TransKONFIG and 4TransMDF database backups.

The main part of database maintenance:

  1. Defragmenting of database.
    Select Defragment In the Database tab.
  2. Updating statistics.
    After defragmentation, select the Update statistics option (this option is also located in the Database -> Defragment tab).
  3. Shrinking .log files.
    Finally, the .log files should be shrunk. Select Shrink Log File in the Database tab.
Updated on 7 February 2024

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