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Oversized LOG file

If the LOG file is oversized, then it needs to be shrinked.

Make a copy of a database first.

Run the Database Manager. To do it, select Start -> All programs -> INELO -> Utils -> Database Manager –> Database Manager.

In the SQL server logging window (see below), do the following.

  • Enter a desired server or choose it from the list. If you can’t see the desired server, select the Refresh button.
  • Enter the administrator account password (the default password is ‘admin’).

If the server was installed from the other source than a file, do the following.

  • Select not from INELO company.
  • The Authentication field will be display. Choose the appropriate authenticated login option (server administrator should provide you with this information).
  •  For Mix Mode, enter dbo(sa) user password for the selected server.

After logging in, in the Database Manager window, select: Backup -> Restore databse.

In the next window, select Advanced.

After setting the database copy path, make two consecutive FULL copies of 4TransKONFIG and 4TransMDF databases.


There is a need of create the Database Manager file with the parameter “-c1”. The file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\ INELO\ Utils\Database Manager

Creating a shortcut file with the parameter step by step:

  1. perform a shortcut to the file “manager_db.exe„;
  2. enter the properties of the shortcut;
  3. in the “Target”, “”C:\Program Files (x86)\INELO\Utils\Database Manager\manager_db.exe”” add -c1 (please remember to sign space before the parameter).

After prepering the shortcut run it to open Database Manager (default

password is: admin).

Open Database > Defragment and perform a defragmentation.

After defragmentation use Database > Shrink transaction file.

On next window select Shrink.

Following the proces click Finish.

Updated on 13 June 2024

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